We can help you with

  1. Original Creation from sketch or picture.
    – We use the most cost effective way to produce your original, t.ex. through modern CAD technology.
    – We can also create molds from your existing original
  2. Adapting to the jewelery suited to the cost-effective production. t.ex:
    – Prefabricated composure modes.
    – Adaptation of the surfaces to easily finishiering.
    – Adaptation of the product to better match the budget with minimal compromise from the original idea.
  3. Ready Position from casting to finished jewelry.
    – Everything from only removal of the runner to färdigfinishierad end product.







We found everything from single items to mass production with the latest technology of the highest quality. BA Foundry currently has the most modern machines for casting. These are available in Södertälje. We can also arrange for castings of our partners in Germany. This means that BA Konstgjuteri always offer the most effective castings to customer requirements.


Our experienced designers can assist you from concept to finished jewelry, or entire jewelry collection.



By using the latest CAD / CAM technology to guarantee perfect results at a significantly lower cost to the customer.

– Photorealistic image of jewelry before manufacture or production

– Advanced design at a fraction of the cost of completely handmade jewelry.

– Jewelry store digital and requires only a smärrre adjustment when changed the number of stones or size.

– Fast delivery of bespoke jewelery.

– Be inspired by our _galleri_ with models that can also be customized according to customer requirements.

– Even jobs that are impossible with traditional techniques do with ease in CAD.

Goldsmith's work

Very long experience of our goldsmiths guarantee quality workmanship.