Drawings and files sent to ba@3dstudio.nu, for files larger than 10MB, please use Wetransfer.com

Some of the advantages of CAD

– Photorealistic image of jewelry before manufacture or production
– Advanced design at a fraction of the cost of completely handmade jewelry.
– Jewelry store digital and requires only a smärrre adjustment when changed the number of stones or size.
– Fast delivery of bespoke jewelery.
– Be inspired by our gallery with models that can also be customized according to customer requirements.
Även arbeten som är omöjligt med traditionell teknik görs med lätthet i CAD.

Softwares / File Format

You can submit your sketch or your CAD drawing to us. We accept most of the common filromaten, Examples are:

– Image files .gif .jpeg .png .tif, .eps
– Photoshop/Illustrator .psd .ai
– Standard CAD .stl
– RHINO .3dm

Everything under one roof

We have designers, CAD-printing, casting and goldsmithing under one roof, making us the complete supplier.