Our casting method is die-casting. We found the vacum with shielding gas.

– We perform advanced wax modeling work. E.g. do the schrank thicker by putting wax inside.
– We resize your wax rings. We can produce metal or wax master to your production.
– We have thousands of wax models that we could remodel for you. E.g. signets.
– We do retouching work.
– We also do other goldsmith and jewelry work.
– We work with all metal suppliers in Sweden and a number in Germany.
– We can also be cast in higher and lower levels of carat said metals.


Ba Konstgjuteri currently has the most modern machines for casting. These are available in Södertälje. We also have performed the casting of our partners in Germany. This means that BA Konstgjuteri always offer the most effective castings to customer requirements.

Below we have collected information to make it easy for you to hire us as your foundry:
We cast in most alloys of gold, silver, bronze and brass. We found also in platinum. To achieve the best wax shooting results we use two types of rubber molds.
a) Rubber mold for the production of shrinkage about 4%.
b) For those of you who have models of any material other than metal, we use silicone molds with shrinkage about 1%. We use the most modern machine for vaxsprutning.

Price information

The prices apply for business. Prices are excluding VAT.
Title Price Min.pris
Gummiform from 450:-/st
Siliconform from 750:-/st
Silvergjutning 5:10 /gram 33:-/st
Finsilvergjutning 7:- /gram 42:-/st
Rödguldgjutning 6:40 /gram 38:-/st
Vitguldsgjutning 7:60 /gram 45:-/st
Brass and bronze casting 5.10 /gram 33:-/st

These rates apply when ordering the minimum 20pcs / model.
When ordering larger alt. smaller volumes call for a quote.

Isolated castings Price
Silver, bronze and brass From 240:- /st.
Finsilver From 288:- /st.
Red Gold From 264:50 /st.
White Gold From 288:- /st.

For details contact us: ba@bakonstgjuteri.com; Telephone: +46-8-669 93 22; Telephone hours: weekdays 10-14

Original Casting and small series, we deliver normally within 7 days. Larger series normally within 11 days. We put anywhere where the gate (channels) actual.